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PISMODISE...the Lifestyle of Pismo Beach!  Come experience the passion of Pismo by walking our beaches, enjoying our shops and restaurants, and exploring the history of this beautiful beach community.  Relax and experience the surf, sand and sunshine of our special central California beach getaway.  PISMODISE is a timeless name, that embraces a unique feeling of "being in paradise". Close your eyes, feel the ocean breeze, and listen to the surf roll in.   YOU are in PISMODISE, where Pismo Beach meets paradise! 

  Pismodise Wine Shop Online Pismodise Our Pismodise coffee mugs. glassware, and license plate frames can be purchased though the "Sky's The Limit Kite Shop"
at 761 Dolliver St , Pismo Beach.
(805) 773-8697


WE ARE PROUD to share our PISMODISE apparel & accessories with you!  Buy them for everyday living, souvenirs or gifts year round.  PISMODISE...another word for PARADISE!


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